Garth Grimmer

Nantucket Photo Art

Garth Grimmer loves Nantucket and has lived year round on the island since 1998. The many moods of the island, ranging from storms and fog to brilliant sunshine, provide him with the opportunity to capture its natural beauty both on land and on the sea.

Grimmer enjoys competitive and blue water sailing. Several of his photographs include water in some way. He also likes seeing patterns in every day objects which are reflected in the abstract images of his “Second Look” series.

Grimmer has been an artist member of the Nantucket Artists Association and a member of the Photographers Alliance of Nantucket for more than ten years.

His photographs are collected internationally and have been published in national and Nantucket magazines and books. His work is on display at the Artists Association: Joyce and Seward Gallery and the Nantucket Artworks Gallery.