Kris Kinsley Hancock

Kris has a passion for sharing her visions and preserving special moments in life via photography. A mother, teacher and writer, as well as photographer, she readily adapts to the varied requirements of event, fine art, portrait and stock photography. She enjoys photographing Photonaturalistically™ but is also adept at arranging subjects. She skillfully uses digital artistry to complement images while maintaining their natural beauty. Kris provides personalized attention to each part of the photographic process from listening to clients’ desires to creating printed work. Kris Kinsley Hancock’s photographic partner is her husband, Pat Woodley Hancock. Their award-winning photography has been featured in galleries, publications, restaurants and more. Together, they’ve photographed events ranging from the Boston Pops on Nantucket to the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Grand Opening Dedication and Celebration in Springfield, MA. Kris is represented by the Artists’ Association Gallery of Nantucket and is a regular contributor to Nantucket Magazine.

Kinsley Hancock Photography
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