Membership Guidelines

These guidelines are in effort to make sure members who are benefitting from the website exposure, photography shows and programs are also actively participating in meetings and contributing to the group. We are excited to have new members involved and are open to new ideas surrounding our programs and meetings.

New membership is considered in the fall only, when we reconvene as a group for the season.

• Members must pay yearly dues starting at the beginning of each calendar year.

• Must be year round residents of Nantucket Island.

• Must be a working professional photographer. Members must have a professional photography website and be a registered business (pays taxes on their photography work etc).

• Members must participate in meetings, events, photo shows and community programs.

• We have a mandatory attendance for meetings. Members should plan on attending at least 75% of meetings. The meeting schedule for the whole year will be available so members can plan accordingly and do their best to be at all the meetings.

• At the end of our calendar year we review everyone’s attendance & participation and if a member doesn’t meet previously stated requirements then they are temporarily taken off the website and shall not participate in airport space or other photography shows for that upcoming year.